New Mustang: Australian Buyers Ready To Jump In, Ford Says Photo:
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2014_ford_mustang_overseas_09 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_03_energi_plug_in_hybrid_overseas_01 Photo: tmr
2014_ford_mustang_overseas_01 Photo: tmr
2014 Ford Mustang - Overseas Photo:
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2015_ford_everest_prototype_y_concept_01 Photo: tmr
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Mike Stevens | Sep, 11 2014 | 21 Comments

Ford’s new Mustang is generating massive interest among Aussie buyers, the company says, with 13,000 would-be owners already registering their interest with dealers.

Local pricing for the all-new model is still to be confirmed, although reports suggest a starting price of around $45,000 is likely.

“The Mustang is an iconic vehicle in Australia and around the world, and is drawing people to Ford well before it arrives here,” Ford Australia boss Bob Graziano said today.

Officially confirmed for an Australian launch more than a year ago, the new Mustang made its official debut in December at six synchronised events - including a special Sydney unveiling.

Only recently entering US-market production, the new pony car won’t make its local debut until late next year, as part of an expansive new model onslaught.

When it does arrive, the new Mustang will be offered exclusively in turbocharged 227kW/407Nm four-cylinder and 313kW/529Nm 5.0 litre V8 form, skipping the V6 option all together.

Other local specs are still to be confirmed, but both six-speed manual and automatic transmissions are expected to be offered in Australia.

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Above: Ford's new Everest SUV, shown here in concept form, will hit Australia next year.
Above: Ford's new Everest SUV, shown here in concept form, will hit Australia next year.

Other Ford models due in Australia next year will include the big new Everest 4WD SUV, the updated Focus and Focus ST range, and, at long last, the new Mondeo midsizer.

The Mondeo in particular will prove an important model for Ford in Australia, with the Falcon's coming retirement the Mondeo as the largest offering outside of the brand's SUV range.

As for SUVs, Ford has yet to confirm a local replacement for the Territory - also due to be axed in 2016 - but the recently unveiled Edge is believed to be a strong contender for the job.

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MORE: 2015 Ford Mustang News

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