New Lexus Supercar Will Leave LFA For Dead: Report Photo:
2012 Lexus LF-LC Hybrid Concept - Detroit Photo:
2012_lexus_lf_lc_hybrid_supercar_concept_03 Photo: tmr
2011_lexus_lfa_australia_03 Photo: tmr
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2012_lexus_lf_lc_hybrid_concept_detroit_03 Photo: tmr
2011_lexus_lfa_australia_05 Photo: tmr
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2012_lexus_lf_lc_hybrid_concept_detroit_06 Photo: tmr
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2011_lexus_lfa_australia_01 Photo: tmr
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2012_lexus_lf_lc_hybrid_concept_detroit_01 Photo: tmr
2011_lexus_lfa_australia_02 Photo: tmr
2011_lexus_lfa_australia_09 Photo: tmr
2012_lexus_lf_lc_hybrid_concept_detroit_04 Photo: tmr
2011_lexus_lfa_australia_12 Photo: tmr
2012_lexus_lf_lc_hybrid_concept_detroit_07 Photo: tmr
Malcolm Flynn | Apr, 15 2012 | 6 Comments

Lexus is reportedly working on a supercar even more extreme than its LFA halo car, which could rival Ferrari’s upcoming Enzo replacement.

According to website AutoGuide, an unnamed senior executive within Toyota has revealed details of the car, describing it as "twice the car", with a "significantly higher" level of performance.

Along with a reported production run of no more than 100 units, buyers' bank accounts can likely look forward to a red-hot hiding.

The LFA launched in Australia with a price tag of $750,000 - Japan's most expensive offering to date - and all 500 cars were snapped up well before production began in 2010.

This all suggests that a car twice-as-good and five times more exclusive could potentially sell for more than $1.5 million; within (a billionaire's) spitting distance of Veyron money.

Just how far beyond the LFA the new model's styling would go can only be imagined, although the LF-LC concept shown in January could offer a hint.

If the LF-LC’s ‘Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive System’ were combined with a variant of the LFA’s 412kW V10 engine, it would make a logical halo car for the entire Toyota group and its continued commitment to hybrid electric technology.

A petrol-electric drivetrain would also set the car up as an ideal rival for Porsche’s upcoming 918 supercar.

When (or even if) we'll see the new supercar is another story; from concept through to production, the LFA was nearly 10 years in the making.

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