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We’ve already been given a very strong hint of what to expect with the 10th generation Civic, thanks to its concept debut as a coupe in April this year.

The big seller though, will be the sedan, and Honda will reveal the latest chapter in the Civic’s 43 year history with a live web unveiling held at the studios of YouTube Space, Los Angeles, and broadcast online.

Set to take place on September 16, LA time (it’ll be the morning of the 17th in Australia) the launch will showcase what Honda describes as “the most ambitious remake” of the Civic yet.

Patent renderings revealed in April give a fairly good indication of what the new sedan (and coupe) will look like.

The launch will also include a performance by “buzzworthy alt-rockers” Night Riots. Guys, I think this means the new Civic is going to be pretty cool… but not, like, mainstream cool - it’s clearly too cool for that.

A patent rendering of the new Civic sedan
A patent rendering of the new Civic sedan

While the Civic sedan will be the focus of the online launch, the 10th generation Civic will also include a production version of the coupe (likely to be offered in the North American market only) as well as a five-door hatch, offered for the first time Stateside.

An all new Civic Type-R performance flagship is also promised, meaning the recently revealed Civic Type-R is likely to see a shortened lifecycle to make way for the new model.

The Civic’s holds the number-one selling small car title for retail sales in the United States (that's sales excluding fleet sales) since its 2011 introduction, the Civic we see in Australia (which differs slightly in design) only sits in 12th place on the overall small car sales charts.

The current generation North American Civic
The current generation North American Civic

Under the bonnet, Honda’s new Earth Dreams range of efficient turbocharged four-cylinder engines are expected. New CVT and six-speed manual transmissions will pair to the new engine range.

TMR will bring you the full unveiling as the covers come off the Civic sedan, so make sure to keep an eye out during the morning on September 17th.

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