New Fiat Panda TwinAir Turbo Review: Diary Of An Italian Drive - Day 3 Photo:
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Tim O'Brien | Oct, 22 2013 | 2 Comments


DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3

Three days, the Panda TwinAir is fitting like a glove. Just now stopped walking to the wrong door in search of the steering wheel.

These seats are ok, not overly padded but proving comfortable after long days in the saddle. Upright, good room in the back, and nice breezy colours. Boot is smallish, but deep, and ok for travel cases.

I like the steering wheel, direct but not twitchy. 'Toyland' dash is ok too; nice big shelf for travel stuff in front of the passenger.

Loaded up and headed for the Gran Sasso. Great road along this high flat plateau between amazing escarpments.

Really giving the Panda 'some welly'; the softish long-travel suspension (reminds me of an old Fiat 600 I once had) wallows a bit, and sometimes leans like a drunk, but is really good at ironing out rough patches.

(It won't have any trouble ironing out ratty Australian road surfaces.)

Hardly any other cars about (who shot all the tourists?), but small mobs of Italian Chianina cattle enjoying the solitude.

There's a few cyclists - grappling with altitude sickness, or perhaps always this bonkers - and the occasional van load of 'bush-walking' Germans poised to leap out and walk enthusiastically to the peaks singing jolly songs.

Put the Panda along a long gravel road, connecting two of the main roads across the plateau.

A light little car, but good ground clearance with only two-up and a light load; bit of shaking and juddering aside, no trouble coping with the ruts and corrugations.

Yep. Forces you to re-examine things this little Panda TwinAir Turbo, all two-cylinders of it.

Thinking I could easily own one of these. A cure for 'the blues' I'd reckon.

The Fiat Panda has its Australian media launch this week.

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