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Trevor Collett | Oct, 09 2013 | 2 Comments

New details on Renault's reborn Alpine coupe have emerged this week, during an interview with Alpine CEO Bernard Ollivier.

Speaking with French website Blogautomobile, Mr Ollivier reportedly confirmed projected production numbers.

But, for those seeking a return of the Alpine A110’s glory days in rallying however, Ollivier all but ruled out a return to the code.

“The competition is part of the Alpine genes, it feeds the myth,” Ollivier said.

"When you think Alpine, we think the rally. But objectively, today we cannot, for the simple reason that to rally, you must have a car (hatch, sedan etc). We do not have any. Regulations in rallying today are not suitable for sports cars."

Mr Ollivier said that he expects the revived sports car outfit to produce 25,000 cars over seven years, with sales expected in Germany, Italy, France, the UK and 500 sales per year in Japan. The sports car may even make its way to China.

The Alpine will be a lightweight two-seater with a bare-bones interior, however Ollivier said that buyers can expect a few creature comforts from the 21st century.

"We will make a modern car with modern ingredients. It should not be radical to the point of ignoring technological progress, the progress of comfort in the car. We want a car that is in this time," Ollivier said.

Outside, the Alpine will borrow styling cues from the A110 but Ollivier said the car will be a modern design and will not be ‘retro-styled’.

When asked about future distribution of the Alpine, Ollivier stressed that the sports car was not simply another Renault and thus would not automatically occupy space in Renault dealerships.

"This is not a Renault, this is not an Alpine-Renault. There is no diamond (Renault badge)," Ollivier said.

The Alpine boss made no mention of a future power-plant for the sports car, but reports earlier this year suggested a 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing around 210kW.

"When you see the car, you'll be impressed. When you see it, you want it to be already in the street," Mr Ollivier said, in closing.

“Until then, you just have to count sheep in the blue sky.”

We’re counting…

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