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Mike Stevens | Apr, 26 2012 | 0 Comments

Five chapters down and a sixth on the way. Say what you will about its viewing value, but this much is clear: the formula behind The Fast and Furious series has proven hugely successful.

Dominic Toretto and his crew of power-sliding vigilantes could soon face a new rival at Race Wars however, with the 19 chapter-strong Need For Speed game franchise reportedly readying a leap onto the big screen.

Universal's Fast & Furious has been a go-to moneymaker since its debut in 2001, but if publisher Electronic Arts and film studio DreamWorks have their way, it won't be the only golden goose Gallardo in Hollywood.

Reports out of California point to a script that focuses on Jack Rourke, the protagonist of the latest NFS installment, The Run.

In it, Rourke finds himself with a mob bounty on his head, and arrives at the only obvious solution: enter the San Francisco to New York road race, win the $25 million prize, and save his own life.

The film adaptation is understood to be the work of George Gatins, brother of the man behind Hugh Jackman vehicle, Real Steel.

That the game might be destined for a big-screen debut is no surprise, with the trailer for The Run directed by Hollywood explosions master Michael Bay.

The game also touts some up-and-coming actors among its voice cast, including Mad Men's Christina Hendricks and Never Back Down star Sean Faris.

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