MX-5 Spyder Concept And Mazda2 Turbo Heading To SEMA Photo:
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_01.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx_5_roadster_csr_04 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_33.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_17.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_22.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_06.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx_5_roadster_csr_07 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_38.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_27.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_11.jpg Photo: tmr
2011_mazda2_genki_01 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_43.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_32.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_16.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_05.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx_5_roadster_csr_02 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_37.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_21.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_26.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_10.jpg Photo: tmr
2011_mazda2_genki_02 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_42.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_47.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_31.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_15.jpg Photo: tmr
Mazda MX-5 Spyder And Mazda Turbo2 Concepts Photo:
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_04.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx_5_roadster_csr_03 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_36.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_20.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_25.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_09.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_41.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_46.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_30.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_14.jpg Photo: tmr
2011_mazda_mx_5_spyder_concept_01 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_03.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx_5_roadster_csr_05 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_35.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_19.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_24.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_08.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx_5_roadster_csr_08 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_40.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_29.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_13.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_45.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_02.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx_5_roadster_csr_01 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_34.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_18.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_23.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_07.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx_5_roadster_csr_06 Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_39.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_28.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_12.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_mazda_mx-5_superlight_44.jpg Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Oct, 31 2011 | 0 Comments

Mazda's next-generation MX-5 remains a top-secret affair for now, but next month the Japanese carmaker will bring a special new concept to the SEMA show in Las Vegas: the MX-5 Spyder.

Based on the current MX-5, the Spyder follows in the footsteps of 2009's MX-5 Superlight concept, adding a new streamlined bumper design and a canvas roof that stretches across the rear deck.

The exterior tweaks are rounded out by new skirts and lips, with the whole package sitting low on a set of large light-alloy wheels and a performance braking package.

No technical details have been revealed for the MX-5 Spyder, although Mazda describes the concept as "a new, more aggressive look for the world's favorite convertible"; so don't expect much to change under the hood.


Mazda2 Turbo

It's the Mazda2 we all wanted: the turbocharged Mazda2 MPS. It never came, but this latest concept, the Mazda Turbo2, offers a glimpse at what could have been.

Mazda has revealed little about the new concept, based on the current model, but the carmaker promises "one of our most powerful turbocharged engines in our lightest platform".

On the styling front, the Turbo2 sits low on big 10-spoke alloy wheels and rubber-band tyres, with new skirts and a high-mounted wing at the rear.

Watch for more details for both concepts to surface in the coming weeks.

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