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Brad Leach | Aug, 15 2016 | 0 Comments

Autonomous driving still ranks high on Tesla’s ‘To-Do’ List which as we reported a couple of weeks back also includes commercial vehicles and passenger buses.

At the heart of that ramped-up autonomous operation is Tesla’s ‘Autopilot 2.0’ system which American reports suggest will add more radar (one in each corner to supplement the front-facing radar) and a forward-facing triple camera system.

This is despite Tesla and its partner Mobileye ending their partnership to develop autopilot systems.

Tesla chief Elon Musk says that now development will be done in-house.

Rumours have the triple camera system likely comprising a 150 degree fisheye camera, a 50 degree forward camera and a 20 degree lane camera for duties like lane departure warning as well as pedestrian and traffic light detection.

Musk favours radar to underpin the system as it can penetrate fog, rain, snow, etc. and vehicle installation is relatively straight-forward - the autopilot system simply gaining some extra radar antennas.

Naturally Tesla’s Autopilot 2.0 hardware features the capability of remote software updates, and is likely to come online with the introduction of Tesla's version 8.0 Autopilot firmware upgrade.

Tesla has previously introduced its upgraded Autopilot harrdware ahead of activating the system's expanded capabilities, so it's not yet known if existing version of the Model S and Model X will be upgradable to the full suite of the the second-generation Autopilot's features once the new firmware is released.

Tesla is also set to introduce a production vesion of its more mainstream Model 3 sedan, which could be a potential starting-point for the new system.

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