Mobile Phone Use Still The Top Driver Distraction: RACQ Photo:
Mike Stevens | Aug, 22 2014 | 0 Comments

A new member survey with Queensland insurer RACQ has found that motorists believe driver distraction is a growing problem, with many pointing to mobile phones as the leading concern.

The survey found that more than 90 percent of respondents believe that distraction is a bigger problem now than five years ago. Nearly 40 percent placed mobile phones at the top of their list.

GPS devices, whether built-in or dash-mounted, also figured highly with 23.2 percent seeing the technology as an obvious distraction.

“We’re also concerned that half of those surveyed admit to losing focus on the road while adjusting the car stereo, and 45 percent while eating and drinking,” RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said.

“Distraction contributes to around one quarter of car crashes, so it’s vital motorists become more aware of the risks.”

Further down the list, 9.6 percent highlighted stress and being time-poor as a contributor to driver distractor, while selfish and inconsiderate drivers were the top culprits for 5.2 percent of respondents.

Others pointed to speed limit changes and roadwork zones as an issue, annoying 4.9 percent of surveyed members more than any other factor.

Elsewhere, insurer AAMI announced earlier this year that it has begun research into ways to reduce the use of mobile phones while driving.

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