Mitsubishi Teases New G4 Light Sedan, Bound For Bangkok Photo:
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TMR Team | Mar, 08 2013 | 2 Comments

Mitsubishi will show off a new light sedan concept at this month's Bangkok Motor Show, the carmaker has confirmed.

News of the new concept, dubbed simply 'G4', follows the unveiling in Geneva this week of two new showcars, the GR-HEV diesel hybrid pickup and the CA-MiEV electric vehicle.

The Japanese carmaker has revealed few details about the new car, confirming only that the G4 will draw power from a 1.2 litre petrol engine and a CVT auto.

The small engine is likely the same unit powering the new Mirage hatch, and we can expect the two cars to utilise the same platform.

Styling will be unique to the new model however, sharing few design characteristics with the Mirage - or any other current Mitsubishi, suggesting a new family look could be previewed with this concept.

Next on Mitsubishi's plate will be a successor to the current Lancer range, which debuted internationally in 2007.

Speaking with TMR at last year's Australian International Motor Show, Mitsubishi global boss Osamu Masuko said that the new Lancer will be sized "somewhere between the current model and its [smaller] predecessor".

As for styling, it is possible that the next Lancer will feature some of the styling cues previewed by the G4 concept when it debuts in Bangkok on March 25.

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