Mitsubishi President And Vice President Announce Resignations Over Fuel Economy Scandal Photo:

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Kez Casey | May, 19 2016 | 0 Comments

The fallout from Mitsubishi’s admitted fuel consumption testing irregularities continues in Japan, with both the President and Vice President of Mitsubishi Motors announcing their resignations.

In light of fuel consumption testing irregularities on two of it’s Japan-only Kei car models, discovered in late April this year, Mitsubishi admitted that other vehicles in its range could also be affected, and that the wrongdoing could potentially reach back as far as 1991.

And now the inevitable casualty list has claimed its first high-profile victims. Mitsubishi Motors’ President, Tetsuro Aikawa announced at Mitsubishi’s annual shareholders meeting that, as of the 24th of June, he would be resigning from his position.

Previously in charge of the vehicle development department, Mr. Aikawa stated that he “must step down so that a fundamental reform can take place” within the department.

A brief press release from Mitsubishi Motors also revealed that Executive Vice President, Ryugo Nakao, would also be resigning, set to leave the company at the same time as Mr. Aikawa.

Mr Aikawa joined Mitsubishi Motors in 1978, becoming President in 2014, while Mr Nakao started with the company in 1976 and has also been in his current role since 2014.

Earlier this month Nissan announced that it would be forming an alliance with Mitsubishi Motors, to help it weather the storm created by the current fuel consumption scandal.

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