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Mitsubishi Fuel Economy Scandal - Eight Models Temporarily Withdrawn From Sale In Japan Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Sep, 01 2016 | 1 Comment

Mitsubishi has withdrawn no less than eight models from its line-up in Japan following the carmaker’s fuel economy scandal from earlier this year.

After partner Nissan blew the whistle on four kei cars that were marketed with understated fuel consumption figures, Mitsubishi admitted its fuel testing methods stepped outside the bounds of Japanese regulations.

Two of the kei cars were Mitsubishi models while the other two were built by Mitsubishi but branded and sold as Nissans.

Kei cars are quite specific to the Japanese market, but when the news of exaggerated fuel claims broke it become apparent that other Mitsubishi models would be caught up in the scandal.

Now, the carmaker says its Pajero 4WD, RVR (sold in Australia as the ASX) and Outlander SUVs along with the Delica and several versions of the electric i-MiEV have been withdrawn from sale.

Mitsubishi said the affected models will undergo a new round of fuel consumption testing before the temporary halt is lifted, with the corrected figures to be applied to each as it re-enters the market.

This process, according to a report from Reuters, is expected to take several weeks.

The carmaker also confirmed that owners of affected models in Japan will be offered compensation, ranging from AU$386 to AU$1286 depending on the model. The compensation is expected to cost Mitsubishi around AU$90 million.

Japan’s transport authorities said the current fuel figures as they stand are out by an average of 4.2 percent, with some inaccurate to the tune of 8.8 percent.

Mitsubishi will be required to submit new fuel figures to Japanese authorities before the models return to showrooms.

"Both competition and compliance have tightened in the industry, but we had a lax approach to compliance and this was one of the factors which led to this issue," Mitsubishi President Masuko Osamu said.

"We need to change this."

Mitsubishi has forecast a loss for this financial year of AU$1.86 billion as it deals with the fallout and lost sales caused by the scandal.

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