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Mitsubishi Evo To Go Diesel-Electric Hybrid: Report Photo:
Mike Stevens | Dec, 19 2013 | 1 Comment

Mitsubishi's next-generation Evolution is again the star of the rumour mill this week, following reports in months past of a new philosophy - including a bespoke platform and a hybrid powertrain.

That hybrid rumour remains the hot favourite for the new hero car, and reports are again suggesting a diesel-electric system will provide motivation.

According to America's Motor Trend, Mitsubishi is exploring the possibility of matching a new three-cylinder turbodiesel with a pair of electric motors.

The report suggests that one of the electric motors would assist the diesel engine, both driving the front wheels, while the second electric unit would power the rear axle.

This is a common enough configuration among the latest generation of electric-assisted all-wheel-drive systems, although the new Evo could represent the first use in an affordable sports car.

However, with the technology currently featuring in (and destined for) top-end models like the new Porsche 918, the next Nissan GT-R and Honda's new NSX, it is possible that Mitsubishi's new Evo will debut as a more expensive proposition than in the past.

Whatever the case, with Mitsubishi already selling the Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid and also previewing a hybrid electric utility in the GR-HEV concept, odds are high that the current Evo's replacement will feature some sort of electric propulsion.

A bespoke new platform is also reportedly set to underpin the new Evo, with the regular Lancer expected to ride on a Renault platform.

This could also see the new Evo switch to a two-door coupe design, as teased by the RA Concept back in 2008 (pictured above).

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