Mitsubishi Australia Seeking Eight Percent Market Share: New CEO Photo:
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2013 Mitsubishi ASX - Australia Photo:
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Malcolm Flynn | Aug, 24 2012 | 4 Comments

Mitsubishi Australia is set for a significant strategic shift, in response to the company’s recent drop in sales and market share here.

The Japanese carmaker’s new local CEO, Mutsuhiro Oshikiri, outlined his plans to return the brand to a ‘top four’ position at this week’s launch of the updated ASX and Lancer ranges.

Oshikiri-san cited a lingering ‘manufacturer mindset’, dating back to the 2008 end-of-local production (of the 380) as a key reason for the company’s slide to a 5.4 percent local market share.

He plans to return the company to an eight percent share of sales - a figure not reached in nearly a decade - by putting a greater focus on marketing, dealers, and customers.

Also key to these ambitions will be a brace of new models launched over the next two years.

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Next year will see the arrival of the new Mirage light hatch, along with the all-new Outlander (and plug-in hybrid variant) to compete in the ever-expanding mid-size SUV segment.

Even more significant will be the 2014 launches of all-new Lancer and Triton ranges, though both will lag significantly behind many of their key segment competition.

Oshikiri-san also acknowledged the need for Mitsubishi to join other manufacturers in offering low-interest finance deals, but added that a zero-percent offering (as with selected current Honda and Renault models) is not likely.

In the short term, the newly updated ASX and Lancer ranges will likely give a boost to Mitsubishi showrooms, as will the expected new models.

The Lancer has got a task ahead if its to grow in its segment before the all-new model arrives; the relative age of its basic design will likely disadvantage it in the ultra-competitive small car segment.

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