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TMR Team | Jul, 26 2013 | 0 Comments

MINI has released a new concept this week, designed to preview not only its upcoming 2014 Cooper hatch, but also the brand's future styling direction.

Revealed ahead of the new Cooper's expected Frankfurt Motor Show debut in September, this new 'Vision' concept shares more than a few styling cues with the production model.

Staying true to the brand's iconic design language, the Vision nonetheless features a number of unique tweaks that will appear on the new Cooper.

There's a new grille design at the front, adding a new point to the outside edges for a more angled look.

The foglights have also been moved into the grille for a rally-inspired look, although the production Cooper will keep those lights in the corners of the bumper.

The circular LED strip running around the edge of the headlights will feature on the new Cooper however, but you won't see the Paceman-like plastic strip that bisects the Vision's quarter panels and front doors.

The large new tail-light design of the Vision will also feature on the new Cooper, although the production units are narrower. The 2014 Cooper also has a simpler tailgate design, eschewing the character lines above the Vision's tail-lights.

The interior of the Vision is a futuristic concept delight, loaded with LED lighting and a novel RADAR display in the centre console.

While the regular 2014 Cooper will be a toned-down version of what we see here, we can likely expect the new Cooper S and JCW models to draw inspiration from this concept.

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