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TMR Team | Apr, 30 2013 | 2 Comments

Chinese-owned MG is reportedly engineering a range of new efficient petrol engines and dual-clutch transmissions.

It is likely that these are the same engines and transmission confirmed to be in joint development by MG parent SAIC and US carmaker GM in 2010.

The engine range is expected to include a series of small turbocharged options, ranging from a 1.0 litre three-cylinder to a pair of 1.4 and 1.5 litre four-cylinders.

Speaking with Britain's Autocar magazine, MG powertrain boss Paul McNamara reportedly singled out Ford's EcoBoost engine range as the benchmark for the new petrol mills.

“Ford has got the technology to market first and changed perceptions. Our goal is to be competitive with their figures and attain the best real-world results possible," McNamara told Autocar.

The new engines can be expected to feature in coming updates to the light MG3, midsized MG6, the overseas MG5 small hatch (pictured above) and the coming CS SUV.

MG parent SAIC is also understood to be developing a pair of new dual-clutch automatic transmissions, one a wet-clutch unit capable of handling up to 360Nm of torque, the other a dry version capable of handling 225Nm.

The new shifters are expected to be available from 2015.

The MG brand returned to Australia earlier this month, launching a dealership in Sydney and offering just one model: the MG6 fastback hatch. The light MG3 is expected to arrive later in the year.

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