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Mercedes-Benz Launches ‘Heli-Express’ For Melbourne Airport Trips Photo:
Mike Stevens | May, 02 2014 | 1 Comment

Mercedes-Benz Australia has launched a new service that promises to get you to the airport in a jiffy.

So you’re in the Melbourne CBD and you need to get to the city’s airport. That’s a half-hour drive if you’re hauling yourself, longer if the freeway is at a standstill (and the long-term parking will really sting).

Of course, you could hail a cab instead, but the state’s Taxi Services Commission estimates you’ll pay around $60 for that trip - and that’s on a good day.

There’s no direct train service, but if you’re tight on funds you can hand over $18 for a seat on the SkyBus service that leaves Southern Cross Station.

Here’s another idea: take a helicopter. At $274 per person - more than a flight to Brisbane if you plan it right - it’s not cheap.

But with an approximate flight time of four minutes… it’s hard to argue with the value, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Operated by Air Melbourne in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Australia, the ‘Heli-Express’ service ferries customers from either Melbourne’s South Wharf or Moorabbin Airport, to the carmaker’s dealership right outside the city’s airport.

For the price, you’ll also benefit from a valet service direct from the dealership’s heli-pad to the airport terminal.

Air Melbourne says it is also working to introduce a service from the Lilydale Airport - a trip that would take around one hour by car, but around 10 minutes by chopper.

“Our facility at Mercedes-Benz Airport Express has proven itself with strong demand from customers and we have added the Heli-Express service to add another dimension of convenience especially for time poor customers. It cements the facility as unrivalled by any other manufacturer in our market,” Mercedes-Benz Australia boss Horst Von Sanden said.

And that’s that: the worryingly moist back seat of a taxi, the pleasure of packing yourself into a bus, or the convenience and comfort of a chopper.

Details and bookings at www.airmelbourne.com.au.

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