Mercedes Develops Navigation System Compatible With Google Glass Photo:
Trevor Collett | Oct, 29 2013 | 0 Comments

Mercedes-Benz has developed a satellite navigation system designed to work in harmony with Google Glass.

Google Glass is a ‘wearable’ computer in a head band, equipped with a small camera and screen and able to respond to voice commands such as Google searches and instructions to take photographs.

Like Glass, the new Mercedes nav system is operated via voice, and is designed to work continuously as a driver enters their car, drives to their destination and then exits the car.

This means a driver can use the Google technology to find their car in a parking lot before their intended destination automatically transfers to the vehicle’s on-board satellite navigation system.

Upon reaching the end of the journey's vehicle component, Google Glass resumes the navigation to guide the driver when they step out of the car.

In the future, the technology can even be used to stream music and provide safer internet access in cars.

The Mercedes-Benz “digital living” program aims to allow drivers access to information stored on their smartphones, tablets and PCs. The carmaker plans to offer the new application as soon as Google Glass becomes readily available.

In a survey from German-based marketing company Puls, 45 percent of respondents said they were interested in using Google Glass while 47 percent said they wanted direct internet access in their cars.

Google Glass can be worn in such a way that it doesn’t impede forward vision, giving it potential to be worn while driving.

While there are few laws at present governing the use of Google Glass behind the wheel, Mercedes says drivers should not be using the device while the vehicle is moving.

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