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Fans of the twelve-cylinder petrol engine rejoice - at least one carmaker is committed to keeping the twelve-pot engine thrumming into the foreseeable future.

Mercedes-Benz reportedly believes that pressures to go ‘green’ with increasingly-smaller engines and electrified powertrains won’t stop it from continuing with its 12-cylinder models for those that wish to purchase them.

The carmaker certainly isn’t abandoning its own green push, however, with its EQ electric car program now cleared to continue thanks to some negotiation with Chery in China.

But if you’re a V12 lover, Benz has got your back.

"The V12 is around for the foreseeable future," Mercedes-Benz’s Ola Kallenius said, speaking with media in Germany.

"I don't see that going away quickly."

Kallenius’ words were backed almost immediately by his employer, with new variants for the luxury S-Class in some markets pushing the line-up to 24 models - including more V12 models.

Mr Kallenius admitted the V12 market isn’t a large one, but also conceded that some buyers - and current Benz customers - will consider nothing else.

One such customer even went as far as refusing the offer of a ride in the passenger seat of a Mercedes-AMG model, powered by a V8. Kallenius said the buyer already owned 35 Mercedes-Benzs with 12 cylinder engines, and stated “I only ride in V12s”.

With the aforementioned green push, legislation may have defeated the V12 long before customers are swayed to give them up, but Kallenius said Mercedes will continue with the engines until the very end.

"Whatever the regulation is, we will meet the regulation," Kallenius said. "How long that segment has legs, I don't know, but we have no plans to give up on it."

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