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TMR Team | Aug, 04 2017 | 0 Comments

Mercedes-AMG is preparing to step out of the shadow of the Mercedes-Benz brand, announcing plans to open its first AMG-specific showroom in Australia.

Mercedes-Benz Australia has earmarked the site currently occupied by its Sydney Airport Express dealership to be Australia’s first AMG-only showroom, becoming one of six planned AMG-only showroom spaces planned around the country.

“The dealership up the road has an AMG floor, other dealers have dedicated areas, but as a stand-alone dealership it’s the first one,” confirmed Mercedes-Benz Australia spokesman, David McCarthy.

According to McCarthy, AMG’s Australian growth has reached a point where the performance arm is capable of sustaining its own stand-alone showrooms, without the need to be attached to an existing Mercedes-Benz showroom.

In 2016 AMG tallied sold over 5200 vehicles putting it ahead of the whole-brand sales tallies for companies like Renault, Skoda, and Lexus during the same period.

“You need to have the market size to justify it but also the dealership itself. It’s a big investment,” McCarthy added. “AMG as a brand... there are luxury brands that don’t sell as many cars as AMG and they have a dealer network.”

AMG’s Sydney site is scheduled to open before the end of 2017 and McCarthy confirmed that two more AMG dealerships will open by the end of 2018, with Melbourne and Brisbane the most likely locations.

“It’s a hugely important brand for us,” he said. “We’ll probably end up with half a dozen or so [AMG showrooms].”

Also slated for Australia, a new Mercedes-Benz concept store labelled under the ‘Mercedes me’ brand, and specialising in customer experience rather than vehicle sales and service.

Already trialed by numerous brands in overseas markets the the concept store model aims to blur the line between cafe, event space and car showroom, hosting talks and other events throughout the year with only one or two Mercedes models on display.

“People want a different experience,” McCarthy said. “Mercedes Me isn’t a showroom, it’s an events space. It’s an opportunity to have events there, an opportunity to showcase the brand, but we’re not selling cars from there.”

The Mercedes-AMG dealership is due to open in November and will only be the eighth of its kind in the world having opened the first dedicated AMG showroom in Tokyo earlier this year (pictured top and above), and having since added similar ones in Milan, Munich and Hong Kong.

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