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2016 Mercedes-Benz OM654 Diesel Engine Photo:
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Trevor Collett | Feb, 16 2016 | 0 Comments

An all-new diesel engine for Mercedes-Benz will make its debut in the carmaker’s E-Class model - recently unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show.

Wearing the name ‘OM 654’, Mercedes says the new four-cylinder engine is “the diesel future”; promising more power and improved economy in a new compact, lightweight (17 percent lighter) design.

The engine is the first all-aluminium diesel for Mercedes-Benz, and will make its showroom debut overseas in the next few months.

The first model to use the new powerplant will be the E 220d, but Benz says the OM 654 is just the first in a family of diesel engines which will be rolled out into other models in the future (including vans).

Front-, rear- and all-wheel-drive can all be accommodated by the new diesel, which will be available in a range of capacities and outputs - although reducing the number of engine options from the current list was also a goal for Benz when developing the OM 654.

Part of the compact design includes exhaust treatment for emissions with all components now part of the engine, rather than attachments for the body of the vehicle.

For the E 220d, customers will have 143kW under their right foot from the 2.0 litre displacement, while Mercedes says fuel consumption has improved 13 percent over the previous model.

The OM 654 has been designed to meet emission targets under new ‘real driving’ tests planned for European countries. Emission figures under real-road conditions have been a recent concern for modern diesels, with critics claiming laboratory results are rarely matched in the ‘real world’.

"The new family of engines embodies over 80 years of Mercedes-Benz diesel know-how- the new premium diesels are more efficient and powerful, lighter and more compact, and they are designed to meet all future global emissions standards," Mercedes-Benz’s Prof. Dr Thomas Weber said.

"In our opinion, the diesel engine is indispensable in trucks and cars if we want to further reduce the CO2 emissions from traffic."

Mercedes said it believes development for the internal combustion engine should not cease while the units continue to be used alongside hybrid and electric powerplants. In playing its part, Merc says it has cut its average fuel consumption in passenger cars from 9.2 to 5.0 l/100km over the last 20 years.

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