Mercedes-Benz A-Class Coupe Rendered, Aimed Square At Audi's TT Photo:
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2015 Audi TT Coupe - Australia Photo:
2015_audi_tt_australia_01_sport_10 Photo: tmr
2015_audi_tt_australia_02_s_line_10 Photo: tmr
2015_audi_tt_australia_02_s_line_04 Photo: tmr
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2014_mercedes_benz_a250_sport_review_04 Photo: tmr
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2015_audi_tt_australia_01_sport_05 Photo: tmr
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2014_mercedes_benz_a250_sport_review_09 Photo: tmr
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2014_mercedes_benz_a250_sport_review_08 Photo: tmr
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2015_audi_tt_australia_01_sport_09 Photo: tmr
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Trevor Collett | May, 15 2015 | 3 Comments

Mercedes-Benz is planning a direct rival for the Audi TT, according to reports out of Europe.

Unnamed sources have reportedly confirmed to the UK’s Autocar that the model will effectively replace the three-door A-Class hatch, but take the form of a coupe to target TT buyers.

A pair of new digital renderings from independent artist Theophilus Chin (above and below) offers just one view of how the rumourd A-Class Coupe could be styled, taking inspiration from the big S-Class Coupe and the new AMG GT hero.

Merc's TT rival would sit on a new version of the MFA platform - shared with the Nissan-Renault Alliance - along with other small or light models aimed at A3 and BMW 2 Series customers.

The current MFA underpins A- and B-Class models from Mercedes among others, and will soon be found beneath the Infiniti Q30 and QX30.

Power in the range-topping model would reportedly come from an AMG-tuned 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine producing up to 298kW.

Figures like that would make potential buyers of the 265kW/450Nm AMG A 45 think twice about the hatchback - although a more powerful A 45 is also believed to be in the works.

It would also trump the now retired 265kW/465Nm Audi TT RS Plus, which was powered by a larger 2.5 litre five-cylinder turbocharged powerplant.

Power in the Merc version would reach the road through all four wheels via an automatic transmission, at least in some variants, as quattro all-wheel-drive is available with most versions of the TT.

Otherwise, front-wheel-drive would be standard.

The new platform would also allow for battery storage if a hybrid model were to join the range, or even hydrogen fuel cells.

The report suggests a 2+2 seating arrangement inside the new model, with a lift-back style boot offering around 350 litres of cargo space.

2015 Audi TT
2015 Audi TT

A Mercedes ‘TT’ coupe could appear for the first time in 2019, around a year after the fourth-generation A-Class debuts. A convertible version could follow after 2019.

Mercedes-Benz chairman Dieter Zetsche is reportedly a fan of the idea; viewing it as an important model in Benz’s quest to outsell its rivals from Germany’s ‘big three’.

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