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Mercedes-AMG Project One: 11,000 RPM Confirmed, 50,000km Re-Builds Required Photo:

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Kez Casey | Mar, 14 2017 | 1 Comment

The Mercedes-AMG hypercar, being developed under its Project One working title, might still be some way of making its official debut, but at the Geneva Motor Show Mercedes-AMG Chairman Tobias Moers has revealed a few more crucial details about the ground-breaking new vehicle, according to Motor1.

The foremost detail is that Project One’s F1-based turbocharged V6 engine will rev to a phenomenal 11,000rpm - impressive for a road car, though still some way short of the 2017-season Mercedes-AMG W08 F1 car it’s pulled from, which can rev out to an even more ballistic 15,000rpm.

All up the V6 engine and its associated hybrid assist system are set to top 735kW of combined output, with specific outputs from each system (petrol power vs. electric) yet to be separately confirmed.

Project One’s race car origins will be obvious, and relied upon heavily for the new car’s marketing, and just like the F1 technology it draws its inspiration from, Project One is set to have a demanding maintenance schedule with Moers suggesting a service life of around 50,000km.

That’s not to say the engine will need to be scrapped beyond that point, but it seems likely that a ‘tear-down rebuild’ may be required to keep the engine in peak physical form. That might sound excessive, but keeping in mind the W08’s engine is designed to live for about four to five race weekends, the Project One version ups the reliability stakes significantly.

No confirmation was given as to required pre- and post-race maintenance, but as with most supercars of its ilk, we’d suggest that a full post-race fluid change is likely to be the bare minimum suggested by AMG, but just as Aston Martin offers with its track-dedicated Vulcan, the Project One will likely be available with full race support package for owners that wish to take full advantage of the car’s capabilities.

Even if that impost to ownership isn’t enough to dampen your enthusiasm, and you can stump-up the suggested AU$3.2 million price tag, the final disappointment for potential Aussie buyers is Project One’s left hand drive-only construction, which would keep it off the roads relegate the car to track-only status in Australia after all.

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