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Tony O'Kane | Apr, 11 2016 | 0 Comments

Mercedes-AMG, the high-performance arm of Mercedes-Benz, is reportedly working on a juiced-up version of the AMG GT boasting, among other enhancements, a generous 50kW more power and 100Nm more torque from its 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8.

Thanks to more boost, a low-restriction titanium exhaust, new intake manifold and revised ECU tune, AMG's engineers will be taking the AMG GT's powerplant to 425kW and 750Nm for a special-edition "GT R" variant - and it'll have plenty of racecar-inspired modifications to match its prodigious output.

The rumour comes courtesy of UK mag Autocar, which claims European Mercedes dealers have already been given a heads-up on the hi-po AMG GT R's arrival.

Its first public debut is reportedly slated for this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed in June, while European deliveries are expected to begin late this year with production to be limited to a small number of cars.

Externally, the AMG GT R will boast an enlarged central air intake, revised side ducting along with vented front fenders, more aggressively flared rear fenders, a front splitter and a fixed carbon fibre rear wing.

The AMG GT R's upper grille will also mimic that of its race-going sibling, the AMG GT3, with 15 vertical chrome bars rather than the standard GT's single horizontal bar and "diamond mesh" grille.

At the back, a central-exit exhaust will be framed by a reshaped rear bumper incorporating a horizontal air duct to help cool the rear-mounted ransmission, plus a downforce-generating diffuser.

Many of these new panels are expected to be crafted from carbon fibre and the interior stripped of heavy equipment like power seats, with a net weight reduction of around 60kg compared to the regular GT road car.

Suspension will also be unique to the GT R, with a track-oriented calibration to make the most of its extra power and aero downforce. Zero to 100km/h sprint times are still secret, but expect it to be markedly faster than the standard AMG GT S' 3.8-second 0-100km/h claim.

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