Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Revealed, In Australia From June Photo:
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2015 Mercedes-AMG GT - Overseas Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Sep, 10 2014 | 4 Comments

What a time for unveilings. Last week it was Land Rover’s new Discovery Sport and Mazda’s new MX-5 roadster.

This week it’s the Jaguar XE, the BMW 2 Series Convertible and, today, the new Mercedes-AMG GT coupe.

Teased almost to the point of exasperation over the past year, the AMG GT has finally appeared, making its official debut this week ahead of a world premiere at the Paris Motor Show next month.

As a successor to the already iconic SLS AMG, the GT is something of a reboot, a reimagining of purpose; a more conventionally styled yet patently more capable hero car.

A good deal of the Mercedes-AMG GT’s intent and specification has been revealed before today: it’s the company’s new 911 fighter, with power provided by a new 4.0 litre turbocharged ‘M178’ V8.

Today of course reveals a first official look at the new coupe, although spy photos and teasers in recent months have delivered a clear idea of what we could expect.

No surprise, the AMG GT epitomises the bold new styling language that has been working its way across the Mercedes brand over the past couple of years.

The broad upright grille, offset and stretched-back headlights, the kicked-up character line through the profile… all now familiar, yet fresh in this new application.

Likewise, the AMG GT’s tall but compact rear is immediately reminiscent of the new S-Class Coupe, with an active spoiler and slender blade-like lights sitting proud above a pair of wide exhausts and a subtle diffuser design.

That new rear, which features a full liftback tailgate instead of a boot lid, boasts a storage capacity of 350 litres.

Measuring 4546mm long, 1939mm wide and 1289mm tall, the GT is 92mm shorter and 37mm taller than the SLS - yet both old and new share the same width.


4.0 litre Turbo V8, 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds

Revealed back in June, the AMG GT’s motivation is provided by a new 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine, pumping out 375kW and 650Nm in its top-shelf GT S form.

Revving to 7200rpm, the new turbo V8 turns on peak power at 6250rpm - a full 750rpm earlier than the 6.2 litre M159 V8 that it replaces.

The 650Nm of torque is likewise available sooner, coming on at 1750rpm - 3000rpm earlier than in the 6.2 litre unit - and that continues through to 4750rpm.

In the GT S, the new mill delivers a specific output of 94.2kW per litre - 26.5kW more per litre than the M159 in the standard SLS AMG.

An ‘entry-level’ GT model is also available, however, with the same engine delivering 340kW at 6000rpm and 600Nm between 1600-5000rpm.

Both models send power to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch auto, mounted in a transaxle configuration at the rear axle.

The new hero coupe is built on a version of the aluminium platform that underpinned the SLS AMG.

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Both models boast a 90 percent aluminium spaceframe, with the double wishbone front and multilink rear suspension, steering knuckles and hub carriers all produced from forged aluminium.

Weight distribution is a fairly even 53/47 front/rear design.

Kerb weights, since you’ve been desperate to know, are listed at 1540kg for the GT and 1570kg for the GT S.

That makes the new coupe around 125kg lighter than the 435kW SLS AMG GT it replaces, yet both that older model and this new 375kW GT S warrior boast a 3.8 second run to 100km/h.

Going for the entry GT won’t penalise you much, either, with a still sharp 0-100km/h time of 4.0 seconds claimed.

There’s an AMG Drive Unit system in both models, allowing selectable adjustment of throttle, shift and steering across Efficiency, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual modes. A three-mode On/Sport/Off stability system is also standard.

The GT S is clearly the hero package however, with an electronically controlled limited-slip differential replacing the base GT’s mechanical-only setup, along with three-stage AMG Ride Control damping, and 390mm front brakes instead of the GT’s 360mm rotors.

Both however can be optioned with even bigger high-performance ceramic composite brakes, measuring 402mm at the front and 360mm at the rear.

The GT rolls in 19-inch rubber at every corner, measuring 255mm wide at the front and 295mm at the rear.

Go for the GT S, and that’s upgraded to 265mm 19-inch tyres at the front and 295mm 20-inch rubber at the back corners.

The GT S can also be optioned with AMG Dynamic Plus, which adds independent dynamic engine and transmission mounts in place of the standard drivetrain damping.

“The mounts automatically relax during comfort-orientated driving, and tighten up when it’s driven harder and the car senses the requirement,” AMG says.



The new AMG GT is expected to make its Australian debut in June next year.

Pricing is still to be revealed, although Porsche’s 911 Carrera S is understood to be a marker of what buyers can expect, suggesting a starting point of around $250,000.


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