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TMR Team | Jul, 27 2012 | 0 Comments

The stereotypical obsession among males for new gadgets may have been borne out by a new survey from insurer AAMI.

Surveying over 3700 male and female motorists, the study showed that 64 percent of males use a GPS device for navigation while driving, compared to 50 percent of female respondents.

AAMI's Reuben Aitchison described the results as a turnabout, with men of generations past considering it a point of honour to find their own way, leaving the maps in the glovebox.

"Their long-suffering wives and girlfriends, meanwhile, insisted on asking for directions, knowing full well it would have to happen eventually.” Aitchison joked.

The insurer also polled its Facebook followers to determine who motorists would most prefer to direct them to the second exit at the roundabout.

Winning in a landslide with 169 votes was actor Morgan Freeman - specifically in his role as God from the film Bruce Almighty.

25 votes went to "Your favourite actor/actress" (respondents were allowed to add their own choices to the poll), while Family Guy's Stewie Griffin picked up 20 votes.

British actor Alan Rickman notched up 19 votes, while Rugby personality Darryn Lockyer and American actor Christopher Walken tied for 5th with 16 votes each.

(Do the folks at AAMI have a little too much time on their hands? - Ed)

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