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Trevor Collett | Dec, 17 2013 | 7 Comments

McLaren is reportedly pushing the lightweight envelope as far as possible, with plans to dump the humble windscreen wiper from future models.

Speaking with The Sunday Times in the UK, McLaren Chief Designer, Frank Stephenson reportedly said the supercar-maker was currently developing an alternative system.

Of course, this is nothing new to TMR readers. Stephenson spoke with us back in February and confirmed even then his goal of consigning the wiper to history.

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Using a ‘force-field’ of high-frequency soundwaves, the proposed system can repel rain, snow and even insects, giving the clearest possible view and eliminating the need for wipers.

Similar systems were originally developed for use on fighter jets by military forces, and carry the added benefit of being able to de-ice a windscreen without the need for scraping.

The benefits of a wiper-less McLaren would be a reduction in weight and improved aerodynamic efficiency.

It would also create one less headache for designers, with windscreen wipers lifting off the windscreen slightly at high speed becoming a thing of the past.

‘Exclusivity’ would be a further benefit, with McLaren possibly becoming the first carmaker to do away with windscreen wipers since their invention by Mary Anderson in 1903. Ms Anderson’s original invention has barely changed in the last 110 years.

No word yet on when or if future McLaren models will see the new technology, or what the additional cost to buyers may be but as its new P1 hypercar is believed to cost around AU$2 million, we’re sure the difference would be negligible.

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