Mazda6 Testing ASV-5: World’s First Car-To-Tram Safety Communication Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Sep, 05 2013 | 0 Comments

New technology from Mazda allowing cars and trams to ‘communicate’ is about to be trialled in Hiroshima.

Dubbed ASV-5 (Advanced Safety Vehicle), the system has been fitted to a Mazda6 which will hit public roads this month.

It is hoped that the new technology – developed jointly by industrial, academic and government organisations - can improve safety on roads being used by both cars and trams.

The system involves an autonomous sensor, fitted to both cars and trams enabling each of them to communicate with the other.

During the trial, the system’s ability to prevent collisions between cars and trams along with its ability to promote “smooth and safe” driving will be measured.

With 150,000 people a day using the tram network in Hiroshima, a system that can reduce or even eliminate collisions between cars and trams has significant benefits.

So to in Australia, with Melbourne and Adelaide featuring well-established tram networks, and the Gold Coast currently nearing completion of its new light rail system as well.

Sydney has been promised a re-established tram network in and around the CDB, and Canberra has also made plans for light rail in the near future.

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