Mazda Rolls Out CX-5 And MX-5 Concepts Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Oct, 31 2012 | 3 Comments

Mazda has unwrapped a trio of customised CX-5 SUVs for this week's SEMA show in Las Vegas, along with a rally-styled MX-5 makeover.

The CX-5 'concepts' include a stealthy black offering and a pair of lightly touched-up weekenders.

In Urban Concept form, the CX-5 gets a matte-black effect (is that getting old yet? - Ed) with a two-shade finish, lowered on a giant set of custom 22-inch five-spoke wheels.

That's the extent of the Urban's tweaks, and the CX-5 180 Concept and Dempsey Concept twins also offer little else.

There's a basic graphics package spread across the body of each, along with roof and bike racks designed to appeal to those considering a weekend away.

While the three CX-5 concepts shown here offer little to be excited about, the Australian market has responded well to the regular CX-5 line-up.

Year-to-date sales (to September 30) show the CX-5’s 11,528 units as second only to the segment-favourite Nissan X-Trail (12,183), and ahead of the Toyota RAV4 (10,815), Subaru Forester (8650), and Mitsubishi Outlander (5313).


MX-5 Super 25 Concept

The MX-5 Super 25, the latest in a growing line of recent customised versions, gets a set of driving lights mounted across the top of the front bumper.

Designed by Mazda USA, the Super 25 also gains a set of Rays Volk TE37 racing wheels and a race-prepped interior, adding a roll cage, a Sparco bucket seat, competition steering wheel and a data logger in the centre stack.

The updated-for-2013 MX-5 makes its Australian debut this week, adding a handful of new features and a subtle styling update.

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