2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_33 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_21 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_36 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_85 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_13 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_6 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_68 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_04 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_49 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_53 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_59 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_40 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_23 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_41 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_38 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_22 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_10 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_74 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_07 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_52 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_12 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_54 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_62 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_42 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_33 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_45 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_26 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_13 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_55 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_34 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_20 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_14 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_09 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_3 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_67 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_47 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_47 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_57 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_35 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_26 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_39 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_84 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_23 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_1 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_73 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_08 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_30 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_11 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_60 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_58 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_43 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_32 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_46 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_24 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_9 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_77 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_32 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_5 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_81 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_16 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_61 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_66 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_46 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_42 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_51 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_36 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_28 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_40 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_8 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_17 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_4 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_72 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_03 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_48 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_07_1 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_59 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_61 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_39 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_30 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_24 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_20 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_15 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_75 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_18 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_79 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_10 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_58 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_64 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_50 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_35 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_49 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_31 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_37 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_27 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_25 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_82 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_19 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_2 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_gt_71 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_roadster_01 Photo: tmr
Tony O'Kane | Sep, 04 2015 | 3 Comments

Mazda Australia reports that the MX-5 has just notched up its best month of sales since 1990, which is hardly surprising given the pent-up demand for and ultra-sharp pricing of the all-new ND-generation MX-5.

But does it live up to the hype? Absolutely.

We stuck a few cameras to the base model 1.5 litre MX-5 Roadster manual and took it for a spin, discovering a sweetly balanced car that feels light on its toes at all times - if a little short of muscle under the bonnet.

Have a watch of the video above and check out the new MX-5 in action. Once you've done that, read our review and product rundown below to find out more about Mazda's pint-sized sportster.

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