Mazda MX-5 Club Revealed Photo:
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_120 Photo: tmr
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2015 Mazda MX-5 Club - Overseas Photo:
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_02 Photo: tmr
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2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99b Photo: tmr
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2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99dj Photo: tmr
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2015_mazda_mx_5_official_116 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99a Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_club_overseas_03 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_108 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_01a Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_112 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_05d Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_04 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_club_overseas_10 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_100 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99df Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_119 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99d Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_club_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_105 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_01 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_production_first_model_japan_02 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_102 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99dh Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_02a Photo: tmr
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2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99c Photo: tmr
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2015_mazda_mx_5_official_106 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_production_first_model_japan_01_1 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_114 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99f Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_03 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_05a Photo: tmr
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2015_mazda_mx_5_official_99dk Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_115 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_07 Photo: tmr
2016_mazda_mx_5_club_overseas_06 Photo: tmr
2015_mazda_mx_5_official_110 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Apr, 01 2015 | 3 Comments

Mazda has unveiled the anticipated Club edition of its new MX-5 roadster in New York today.

Developed as a dynamics-focused package, the Club edition blesses the MX-5 with a number of key new features for the most corner-hungry buyers.

The Club is offered in both manual and auto form, but, as a purist’s pet, it’s the manual version that gets the bulk of the goodies.

Unique to the MX-5 Club manual is a limited-slip differential, Bilstein shocks and a shock tower brace. Both versions also get 17-inch gunmetal alloy wheels wrapped in 205/45R17 rubber, and front/rear lip spoilers.

Extra-special lightweight fordged BBS wheels are also available, along with brembo front brakes, aerodynamic side sill extensions and a rear bumper skirt.

The new MX-5 range will hit Australia in the second half of this year, but local specifications - and the potential for this new Club edition - are still to be confirmed.

Catch TMR’s earlier coverage of the new MX-5 at the links below.

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