Mazda Confirms Updated BT-50 Pricing Prior To Launch Photo:
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Kez Casey | Sep, 04 2015 | 4 Comments

With the updated Mazda BT-50 set to make its Australian market debut later this month, Mazda has released the first pricing details of the new model.

Once again the range will comprise of XT, XTR and range-topping GT models. 23 variants will be available in total, with 10 4x2 models and 13 4x4 models spread across single cab, freestyle cab and dual cab body styles.

Engines include a 2.2 litre four cylinder diesel in the 4x2 XT cab chassis, with a 3.2 litre five cylinder across the rest of the range. Outputs are yet to be disclosed, but both engines can be teamed with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission.

Pricing for the single cab 2.2 litre XT 4x2 manual cab chassis remains unchanged, kicking off from $25,570. Price rises are as little as $75 for some variants, but can be up to $810 more expensive for 3.2 litre dual cab XTR automatic utility models, starting from $46,360 with a 4x2 drivetrain.

The most expensive model in the range, the dual cab 3.2 litre GT 4x4 utility automatic tops out at $53,790, a price increase of $650.

Mazda hasn’t detailed equipment changes for the updated range, except to say that the dual cab utility “now comes with considerably more equipment”.

By the end of this month Mazda expects the BT-50 to reach 100,000 sales since its 2006 introduction, with the current model making up 50,000 of those sales.

“The Mazda BT-50 has been embraced by customers that are looking for a utility with passenger-type comforts,” managing director of Mazda Australia, Martin Benders said.

“The change in exterior styling makes the BT-50 look tougher, more masculine, so we expect renewed interest by trade professionals, an important buying group.

“With a range of great driving, safety and off-road features, the pricing has not moving significantly so the BT-50 continues to be a very competitive value proposition.”

New images released with the pricing also give the first official look at the single cab, and rear of the dual cab models.

Darker tail light lenses, a restyled grille and headlights, and new alloy hwheel designs make up the bulk of the exterior changes to the new range.

The revised BT-50 range will go on sale nationally during September. Watch this space for more info on the range as it is announced, full pricing (before on-road-costs) is included below.


6M 2.2L Single c/chas XT 4X2 $25,570
6A 2.2L Single c/chasXT 4X2 $28,815
6M 3.2L Single c/chas XT 4X2 $28,815
6M 3.2L Freestyle c/chas XT 4X2 $32,745
6A 3.2L Freestyle c/chas XT 4X2 $34,745
6M 3.2L Dual c/chas XT 4X2 $34,745
6M 3.2L Dual Cab Utility XT 4X2 $36,545
6A 3.2L Dual Cab Utility XT 4X2 $38,545
6M 3.2L Dual Cab Utility XTR 4X2 $41,630
6A 3.2L Dual Cab Utility XTR 4X2 $43,630


6M 3.2L Single c/chas XT 4X4 $36,850
6A 3.2L Single c/chas XT 4X4 $38,910
6M 3.2L Freestyle c/chas XT 4X4 $40,815
6A 3.2L Freestyle c/chas XT 4X4 $42,815
6M 3.2L Freestyle Cab Utility XTR 4X4 $47,675
6A 3.2L Freestyle Cab Utility XTR 4X4 $49,675
6M 3.2L Dual c/chas XT 4X4 $42,815
6M 3.2L Dual Cab Utility XT 4X4 $44,615
6A 3.2L Dual Cab Utility XT 4X4 $46,615
6M 3.2L Dual Cab Utility XTR 4X4 $49,700
6A 3.2L Dual Cab Utility XTR 4X4 $51,700
6M 3.2L Dual Cab Utility GT 4X4 $51,790
6A 3.2L Dual Cab Utility GT 4X4 $53,790

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