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Mike Stevens | Nov, 11 2014 | 8 Comments

Mazda is planning a new RX hero model. Wait, no it isn’t. Hold up, yes it is. Cripes, which is it?

You don’t have to look far to find reports declaring both the return and the retirement of the legendary RX badge.

We’ve written more than a few ourselves, including a promising 2012 chat with sports boss Nobuhiro Yamamoto, hinting at a 2017 rebirth for the beloved RX-7.

Then, late last year, Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai confirmed that while research into rotary engine technology would continue, there would be no return for the foreseeable future.

This week, in an interview with industry paper Automotive News, Kogai-san has further clarified that point: there are no plans to revive the RX series.

"We don't have that kind of vehicle in our future product plan," Kogai-san told Automotive News.

"If you increase the number of segments, then the resources we can allocate to each will decline and that will prevent us from developing truly good products."

That makes sense, of course. It's responsible business, and respectful to the fans. Nobody wants a half-baked RX-7.

This follows comments from Mazda’s global sales and marketing chief Yasuhiro Aoyama in August, who told The Motor Report that the company is still considering its approach to broadening the brand’s appeal.

“We are still not sure which is the right way, the right strategy, but ‘sport’ is one way that we are considering to keep competitiveness,” he said.

This means that, along with the RX badge, there remains a question mark over the potential for a new generation of MPS-badged Mazda6, Mazda3 and Mazda2 models.

Still, fans can at least look forward to the new MX-5.

Mazda has proven its commitment there, revealing a smaller and lighter new model this year. Watch for that to hit Australia in 2015.

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