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Mazda Australia has used its strength in the Australian market to help guide the updated BT-50 ute globally.

Expected to arrive in either late September or early October this year, the new BT-50 will arrive with a subtle restyle, interior changes, and adjusted equipment.

Current BT-50 Freestyle Cab
Current BT-50 Freestyle Cab

As Mazda’s second largest market globally for the BT-50, Australia’s input was vital for helping shape the mid-life update.
At the launch of the new Mazda2 sedan, Mazda Australia’s marketing director, Alastair Doak, discussed Australia’s role in developing the new BT-50

“Ours and Thailand are the two biggest markets for BT-50 so we were very much in discussions about where it should go and how it should look.” Mr Doak said.

We have a very privileged position of being involved in those product discussion early on. Is it going to be a radical change? No, we don’t believe it needs it.”

Although the biggest share of criticism for the new model surrounds its looks, that hasn’t stopped the current BT-50 from becoming Mazda’s best selling ute yet.

As well as making changes to the BT-50 itself, Mazda is also looking to change the way it deals with small business in the quest to grow sales, leaving large fleet contracts off the table for now.

“Big fleet is a hard business, and it’s not in our model. Our model is primarily private buyers, or with those small businesses” Mr Doak explained. “They’ll look at resale and they’ll look at other elements rather than just pure price.”

“When you look at our value equation that's very strong and that’s who we understand. That’s the heart and soul of Mazda in Australia and we don’t want to deviate too far from that.”

Before the new model arrives, Mazda Australia expects that current stocks of existing BT-50 models may run out.

Other details about the new model, such as range and specifications, remain under wraps for now, but we’ll bring you more information about the BT-50 range as it becomes available.

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