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Mark Webber Makes Porsche LMP1 Debut In Final Testing For 2013 Photo:
mark_webber_2008_red_bull_05 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2005_bmw_01 Photo: tmr
2013_porsche_lmp1_test_mark_webber_06 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2001_benneton_03 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_01 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2003_jaguar_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_06 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_01 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2005_bmw_06 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2003_jaguar_04 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_06 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2007_red_bull_03 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2008_red_bull_04 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2004_jaguar_02 Photo: tmr
2013_porsche_lmp1_test_mark_webber_05_1 Photo: tmr
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mark_webber_2011_red_bull_05 Photo: tmr
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2014 Porsche LMP1 Sports Car - Mark Webber Photo:
mark_webber_2002_minardi_03 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2003_jaguar_03 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_10 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_05 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2007_red_bull_04 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2008_red_bull_03 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2005_bmw_03 Photo: tmr
2013_porsche_lmp1_test_mark_webber_04 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_10 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2009_red_bull_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2005_bmw_04 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_porsche_919_hybrid_interlagos Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2001_benneton_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_04 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2003_jaguar_01 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_09 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_04 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2007_red_bull_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2008_red_bull_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2004_jaguar_03 Photo: tmr
2013_porsche_lmp1_test_mark_webber_07 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_09 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2007_red_bull_01 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2005_bmw_05 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_porsche_919_hybrid_pits Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2000_benneton Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_03 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2002_minardi_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_08 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_03 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2005_bmw_09 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2004_jaguar_01 Photo: tmr
2013_porsche_lmp1_test_mark_webber_03 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_08 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2008_red_bull_01 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2009_red_bull_01 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2005_bmw_02 Photo: tmr
2013_porsche_lmp1_test_mark_webber_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2001_benneton_01 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2002_minardi_01 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2011_red_bull_07 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_02 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2005_bmw_08 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2003_jaguar_05 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2010_red_bull_07 Photo: tmr
mark_webber_2007_red_bull_05 Photo: tmr
Trevor Collett | Dec, 11 2013 | 1 Comment

Australian Mark Webber has driven a Porsche LMP1 sports car for the first time in preparation for his return to the category in 2014.

The team’s final test for 2013 took place in Portugal, with further testing to take place early next year.

Webber was given permission from his current team - Red Bull Racing - to participate in the test, as his contract with Porsche doesn’t officially begin until January 1.

“My first day in this fascinating project was an intense experience for me and I would like to thank Red Bull Racing for giving me the chance to join the project so early,” Webber said

“This is a major and important step for us all. It allows me to integrate with the team quicker and to contribute to further developing the LMP1 race car. We have a long way to go and it involves a lot of hard work. I have no misconceptions at all.”

Suspension and tyre testing with partner Michelin was the focus of the final 2013 test in Portugal, with previous testing having already been completed in France, Italy and Germany.

Webber brought the curtain down on his Formula 1 career at the final 2013-season race in Brazil, and recently announced his intentions to compete in the 2015 Bathurst 12-Hour in a Porsche, driving alongside Eric Bana.

Porsche will field two LMP1 race cars in the nine-round, 2014 sports car World Endurance Championship (WEC), which kicks off at Silverstone in the UK on April 20.

The 2014 Le Mans 24-Hour race is scheduled to begin on June 14.

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