Lexus Sends Off LFA Supercar With Tribute Video Photo:
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Tony O'Kane | Jun, 03 2013 | 0 Comments

The arrival of the LFA was a watershed moment for Lexus. It was the halo car the brand so desperately needed.

Since the brand's inception in the late 1980s, Lexus long suffered from a reputation as "the boring luxury alternative". With all of its early models being developments of Toyota vehicles (Celsior was the LS, Altezza was the IS, Soarer was the SC), the Lexus badge lacked sparkle.

The Japanese brand's SC two-door models were lacklustre, but the first truly adrenalin-inducing Lexus finally arrived in the form of the IS F in 2007.

That was followed in 2009 by the LFA - Lexus' first supercar, and an entirely bespoke creation at that.

After just three years and 500 cars, Lexus stopped LFA production in December 2012. But while the LFA is gone, Lexus has released this video in tribute of its landmark supercar.

A naturally-aspirated 4.8 litre V10, a carbon-fibre chassis, a rear-mounted transaxle and a 9250rpm redline set the LFA apart from its more sedate stablemates.

Emissions legislation and cost constraints mean these features are unlikely to ever trickle down to lesser Lexus models, but the technological know-how developed during the LFA's gestation won't go to waste.

Methods of lightweight construction, aerodynamics, suspension tuning and interior design pioneered by the LFA will eventually be employed across the Lexus range, and the first most telling example of this is the reconfigurable instrument panel used by the incoming IS F Sport range.

There may be more sporting models too, with the most likely contender being a production version of the LF-LC concept coupe.

Although it won't be a supercar of the same calibre of the LFA, the LF-LC - or a car very much like it - will do much to inject some passion into the Lexus lineup.

Check Out Lexus' video tribute to its very first supercar, below.

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