Lexus reveals “Immersive 3D” UX Concept Interior Photo:

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Kez Casey | Sep, 23 2016 | 0 Comments

Lexus continues its teaser rollout for the UX Concept, with an image of the compact crossover’s futuristic cabin.

As the UX name suggests, the focus of this car isn’t what’s under the bonnet, but rather the user experience that Lexus is looking to shape in the future.

The UX Concept’s interior has been designed to appeal to a generation of motorists living connected lives, providing an innovative “three dimensional” user experience.

To deliver on that premise the UX is equipped with a large, faceted crystal display in the centre console which provides the viewing platform for holographic representations of the climate and infotainment systems, visible to both driver and front passenger.

Ahead of the driver traditional instruments have been replaced by a transparent globe, which plays host to analog and digital instrument readouts, displayed as a floating hologram.

Other high tech touches include electro-chromatic side glass, which can be dimmed to vary the amount of ambient light into the cabin - like a kind of variable tint, and side mirrors replaced with cameras, displayed in each corner of the dash.

Electrostatic switchgear housed beneath transparent covers takes the place of regular interior buttons - but Lexus has given no word yet on how the system can be operated without becoming a magnet for smudgy fingerprints.

Adding to the multi-use multimedia capabilities, the passenger side of the dash houses a removable soundbar which operates as part of the UX’s infotainment system, or can be used to provide entertainment on the go.

Full details, and additional images of the UX Concept will be available ahead of its offical unveiling at the Paris Motor Show.

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