Lexus RCF Revealed, Tech Details Coming In Detroit Photo:
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2012_lexus_is_f_track_test_review_australia_05 Photo: tmr
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2012_lexus_is_f_track_test_review_australia_06 Photo: tmr
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2014_lexus_rc_concept_09 Photo: tmr
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2014_lexus_rc_concept_04 Photo: tmr
2012_lexus_is_f_track_test_review_australia_03 Photo: tmr
2014_lexus_rc_f_coupe_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Jan, 09 2014 | 7 Comments


UPDATE: Lexus has now revealed the RC F, but tech details remain a secret for now. We've replaced our leaked images with the new official shots.

The new Subaru WRX STI isn't the only big blue baddy to make an unexpected debut today, with the new Lexus RC F coupe charging online in a new set of official images.

Looking to take on BMW's muscular new M4 coupe, Lexus has put its own new coupe through bootcamp to produce the meanest looking F car yet. (Well, apart from the now legendary LFA... - Ed.)

As revealed through our earlier spy photos, the RC F coupe gets a new front bumper inspired by the LFA supercar and LF-LC concept, dominated by a broad 'spindle' grille and a pair of trapezoidal intakes.

Fat new guards cover the coupe's wider track and wheels, and, like the outgoing IS F sedan, there's a familiar cooling vent behind the front wheels - this time running nearly the entire height of the front guard.

Speaking of familiar details, the RC F coupe also features the same stacked quad exhaust pipe layout that dominated the backside of the IS F sedan.

There's also an active rear spoiler that deploys automatically at speeds above 80km/h, retracting again when speed falls below 40km/h.

Three variations of 10-spoke 19-inch forged aluminium wheels will be offered, with two machine-polished options and, on the 'High Plus' grade, the wheels are hand polished by a craftsman.

"The form of each component is carefully designed to contribute to performance," Lexus RC F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi said.

"Unique air outlets in the hood and rear section of the front fenders contribute to optimum engine cooling and handling stability. They create an aggressive look that immediately conveys the expectation of a dynamic driving experience."

Technical details are again a mystery. Officially, that is. Late in December, a leaked invitation to the RC F unveiling event promised a 5.0 litre V8 producing upwards of 340kW.

Today, Lexus has confirmed the RC F will offer "well above 330kW", but has yet to confirm specific figures.

This means the new RC F's coupe will offer a handy power boost over the powertrain of the IS F sedan, which offers 311kW and 505Nm (torque figures for the RC F remain unknown).

By comparison, BMW's newly revealed M4 coupe is powered by a turbocharged six-cylinder engine, producing 317kW and 550Nm.

Watch for the truth to surface in the coming days.

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