Lexus LFA Roadster Spotted - But Is It Legit? Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jan, 16 2012 | 4 Comments

It's no great secret that Lexus would love to have a drop-top version of its LFA supercar, however aside from a single (stunningly attractive) concept, no such car presently exists.

Or does it?

A roofless LFA happened to surface at - of all places - a drift demo staged outside the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon last week.

It wasn't on static display either - the as-yet unknown driver slid the LFA around a series of cones in an artful display of car control, demonstrating that this machine is no show pony.

But what is it? Is it the real deal, or a chop-top conversion done by an LFA owner? The former seems unlikely: Lexus is rumoured to be preparing a production LFA Roadster for 2014, so the appearance of this car seems a little premature.

If this is indeed some kind of aftermarket conversion, then it's definitely a clean one.

It can't be easy to modify the LFA's complex carbon fibre monocoque and delicate aluminium structure and still preserve the car's elegant lines, so credit must be given to whoever created this - whether that's Toyota itself, or some Japanese bloke with an angle grinder.

The only blemish, in our opinion, is that black roll-over bar behind the driver's head.

Whatever the case, this roadster most likely isn't another car rebodied to look like an LFA.

The proportions appear indentical to a LFA coupe, and there's no mistaking the V10 howl that's emitted by this car's three tailpipes.

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