Lexus GS And RX Join NSW Police For Promo Work Photo:
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2014 Lexus GS and RX - NSW Police Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jun, 03 2014 | 0 Comments

New South Wales Police have welcomed a pair of new Lexus models to its fleet this week as part of a new safety campaign.

The two models - the hybrid-powered GS 450h sedan and RX 450h SUV - will be used in the force’s Road Safe and Snow Safe programs through the months ahead.

The premium promo and safety cars will be shared between the two campaigns, with one working in the mountains throw the snow season and the other doing rounds at NRL and NBL sporting games.

"Road safety remains one of the top priorities for police, and unique cars like a Lexus are a great way to engage with the community and discuss safe driver behaviour," NSW Police’s Inspector Jim Fryday said.

"The Lexus hybrids will give us an opportunity to talk to people on an informal basis and hopefully make a positive impression about police and what we do.”

The Road Safe and Snow Safe campaigns focus on speeding, drink-driving and driver fatigue. At this time of the year, the programs focus on motorists travelling to and from the snow fields.

Neither car is intended for high-speed pursuit - although, with a 0-100km/h time of 5.9 seconds, the 254kW GS 450h could be up to the task.

Watch for the two Lexus cars to commence duties over the June long weekend.

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