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Mercedes-Benz was unlikely to back down on its new EQ electric vehicle venture, given the time and money already invested, and now Benz and China’s Chery have reached an agreement.

Chery could have made Benz’s life miserable, especially in the key Chinese market, as it has already been using the ‘eQ’ name since 2014.

Using a lowercase ‘e’ and uppercase ‘Q’, Chery’s models have been named eQ and eQ1, but Chery is reportedly happy for Mercedes to join the ‘eQ’ club in China - with a few rules.

Firstly, Benz must use uppercase letters for its EQ models, and the Germans must follow ‘EQ’ with a model designation, also in letters.

For example, an E-Class-sized model might be named Mercedes-EQ-E, while an EV version of the GLA SUV could be called the Mercedes-EQ-GLA.

Pictured, above and top of page: Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ concept
Pictured, above and top of page: Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ concept

Chery is said to be continuing with its eQ range, with eQ2 being the next arrival, logically.

So Chery gets the numbers and Mercedes gets the letters - and apparently everyone is happy.

"Chery achieved great reputation in China with their eQ brand name and we highly respect that,” Mercedes-Benz’s Hubertus Troska said in a statement.

“I am happy that Daimler and Chery agreed on a collective use of the eQ/EQ acronyms in an open and partner-like atmosphere."

Chery agreed, calling the agreement a “win-win” for the two carmakers.

With that out of the way, expect to see the first Mercedes-Benz EQ models in overseas showrooms by 2020.

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