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Lancer To Use Renault-Nissan Tech; Triton Hybrid And Pajero PHEV In, Evo Out Photo:

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Tim O'Brien | Apr, 10 2014 | 1 Comment

Osamu Masuko, President of Mitsubishi Motors yesterday confirmed that the replacement for the Lancer will sit on a platform jointly developed in alliance with Nissan.

The smart money is on a Renault platform being shared across the three brands.

But don't hold your breath waiting for this replacement to begin filling Mitsubishi Australia showrooms.

The company's next C-Segment model is still a long way off. Mitsubishi's focus is clearly on its SUV line-up, and on developing EV and PHEV technologies.

And, as intimated by Mr Masuko at yesterday's media briefing, the replacement for the Evo - if there is to be one - will not sit as part of any new Lancer line-up, but will more likely be drawn from Mitsubishi's SUV range.

And it will also be partly electric.

"Gradually, the definition of SUV is expanding, The border between Evo and SUV might move closer," Mr Masuko said.

Mitsubishi has pitched its future in with electric vehicle technologies.

In just six years, it expects that 20 percent of the company's total vehicle production will be EV, PHEV or hybrid.

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The Triton replacement, due this year, will have a hybrid model joining the range sometime after the new model's launch. So too will the new Pajero, due in 2015, offer a PHEV model as part of the range.

An all-new RVR/ASX model, likely based around the concept exhibited at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, will also feature electric drivetrains when launched sometime after 2015.

Combined with its strategic partnerships with Peugeot for small and micro cars, and the EV offerings being developed jointly there, that will just about put electric vehicles right across the Mitsubishi range.

Yes, there is shift afoot; the age of the electric car is dawning.

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