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Custom motorcycles can be nuts at the best of times. And some custom builders, it seems, just can't be satisfied until they've wound the nuts-factor up to '11'.

Mostly achieved, if history is a guide, by squeezing some unlikely engines into that netherworld between their legs.

V8s are popular, even sixes, but, heck, too many cylinders is never enough. Just ask Georgia resident Chuck Beck - he's gone all-out and fitted a Lamborghini V12 to his two-wheeler.

Chuck, the story goes, found himself in the happy circumstance of having a friend whose Lambo was destroyed in a fire.

The engine survived the inferno, and Beck’s friend offered it to him for the project.

The V12 is possibly from a Lamborghini Contach, and would therefore be sporting around 300kW. Mr Beck matched it with a three-speed transmission from a Volkswagen (of course... what else?).

Sitting in a custom-built motorcycle frame, the V12 is mounted in front of the rider rather than beneath them, while a custom steering linkage was necessary to reach that far-away front wheel.

The bike uses surprisingly ‘normal’ front and rear wheels and tyres, but is now sporting two side-mounted radiators and a quad-tip exhaust system.

We’re not sure if Mr Beck has ventured to the drag strip yet with his creation, or what sort of times it could achieve. Also unclear is which funny-farm Beck goes from here, having achieved this noteworthy feat…

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