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Lamborghini Urus - 485kW Twin-Turbo V8 And Plug-In Hybrids Confirmed Photo:
Trevor Collett | May, 16 2017 | 1 Comment

Powerplant details for Lamborghini's Urus SUV are becoming clearer, with reports out of Europe suggesting a twin-turbocharged petrol V8 is now locked-in.

The confirmation came from none other than company CEO Stefano Domenicali, who said the petrol V8 will also be joined by a plug-in hybrid version.

Speaking with industry paper Automotive News, Mr Domenicali reportedly said the Urus PHEV would follow around a year after the V8 model, and that the V8 would produce around 485kW.

Around 1000 Urus SUVs are in the pipeline for production in 2018, with a further 7000 to follow before 2020. Should demand outstrip supply to a significant degree, Lamborghini may choose to build more.

Production will take place alongside the Aventador and Huracan supercars, and the added sheet metal making its way down the production line has prompted the Italian carmaker to add a paint facility for the first time (having previously relied on outside suppliers for over 50 years).

The Lamborghini Urus is set to go on sale in Europe next year. Given Lamborghini's sales success in Australia during recent years, a local debut seems likely should the Urus be built in right-hand-drive.

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