Lamborghini Huracan Performante Teased Ahead Of Geneva - New Active Aero Photo:
Trevor Collett | Feb, 26 2017 | 0 Comments

Lamborghini’s hot new variant for the Huracan range, called the Performante, will bring active aerodynamics and a new lap record at Germany’s Nurburgring.

The Italian supercar-maker has already promised a sub-6m59s lap of the famed Nurburgring circuit, meaning the Performante can lap the ‘Ring faster than Lamborghini’s own Aventador SV.

And it’s the Nurburgring that features in the new teaser video, showing the Huracan Performante tearing around the Nordschleife.

The front splitter and the rear wing both have active features, allowing for maximum downforce in corners and minimal drag on straightaways (see video below).

While Lamborghini is not currently active in Formula 1, the technology features a handful of similarities with F1’s DRS (Drag Reduction System) and could even be inspired by McLaren’s F-Duct system.

Suspension tweaks and a more aggressive dual-clutch automatic transmission are also on the cards.

Performance will be further aided by a weight-reduction over the standard Huracan, believed to be at least 40kg, while power from the 5.2 litre V10 petrol engine will be lifted to around 471kW (up 22kW verses the LP610-4).

Otherwise, the remainder of the juicy details remain a closely-guarded secret, although another teaser or two could emerge ahead of the Huracan Performante’s official debut in the lead-up to the Geneva Motor Show. Stay tuned.

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