LA Auto Show Will Host 20 World Premieres Photo:
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2013 Honda MDX (Acura MDX) - Spy Photos Photo:
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Peter Anderson | Jul, 13 2012 | 0 Comments

This year's Los Angeles Auto Show is already shaping up to be a cracker, with the organisers announcing a whopping twenty motorshow premieres, and more to come.

Sworn to secrecy - or, more likely, the carmakers haven't told them - the show's organisers won't let on exactly which cars will be revealed.

They would say that the world debutantes will come from Acura/Honda, Aston Martin, BMW, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Nissan, Porsche and Toyota.

It's unlikely that all of the premieres will be never-before-seen models, however, and some could be mere special-edition versions of existing cars.

Among the obvious candidates are the new Acura/Honda MDX, the recently-revealed Vanquish, BMW's so-called 4 Series, the already unmasked 2013 Santa Fe, Porsche's new Cayman, the new Range Rover, and possibly a replacement for Nissan's X-Trail.

"As the first major North American show of the season, LA sets the tone for 2013 and we expect that automakers will pull out all the stops to excite new-car buyers," Andy Fuzesi, the show's General Manager, said.

California is an important market for any auto brand with a US presence, with its huge density of money, power and population.

Since 2006, California's GDP is the ninth largest in the world and within its borders are an estimated 663,000 millionaires.

With numbers like that, you can see why the LA Auto Show is important to manufacturers for the US domestic sales opportunities alone.

The LA Auto Show starts on November 28 and opens to the public two days later.

We'll have full coverage before and during the event and given how big it looks, we'll have plenty of coffee on hand.

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