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Trevor Collett | Mar, 02 2016 | 2 Comments

The spotlight at the Geneva Motor Show has shifted from one hypercar to another, with Koenigsegg pulling the covers from its insane Regera model.

Following a concept version at the same motor show last year, the model dubbed “megacar” by its creator is now road-ready.

But the transition from concept to production model was nothing short of a reinvention, with Koenigsegg making 3000 changes in the process.

The Direct Drive system (patent-pending) proved to be the biggest change, but Koenigsegg says the effort was worthwhile. Essentially, the Regera doesn’t need a gearbox - saving weight and improving reliability by eliminating numerous moving parts.

Instead, a new clutch-slip mechanism assists the engine to turn torque into acceleration. This gives the driver a similar feeling to having downshifted (with the “associated aural enjoyment”, says Koenigsegg).

The driver still has shift paddles on each side of the steering wheel, but the left side dials-up the regenerative braking while the right activates the ‘downshifting’ operation just mentioned.

Direct Drive has contributed to a trimmer Regera, with the ‘wet’ weight measuring 1590kg and the ‘dry’ weight 1470kg.

Perhaps Koenigsegg itself isn’t entirely sure how much power is available from the plug-in hybrid unit, or perhaps the carmaker didn’t want to give too much away to rivals Bugatti. Either way, the figure is quoted as exceeding 1500 BHP (1119kW) and exceeding 2000Nm.

Figures Koengisegg was happy to share are those for acceleration.

Try 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds, but you’ll barely have time to catch your breath before 200km/h comes up in 6.6 seconds. Keep the right foot down, and 300km/h will flash by in 10.9 seconds, while 400km/h will arrive in 20 seconds flat.

Koenigsegg is also happy to reveal that the revolutionary battery pack fitted to the Regara is an 800 volt, 4.5 kWh unit, and it weighs just 90kg. A figure that could almost be forgotten in such a car is the all-electric driving range, and the Regera manages around 50km of it.

Once you’re done testing all of Koenigsegg’s acceleration claims, the civilised drive back to reality is aided by WiFi, Apply CarPlay, wireless mobile phone charging and exterior cameras both front and rear.

Interested? The Koenigsegg Regera is limited to just 80 units, although it could be ‘in production’ for around half a decade. Many of these are already spoken for.

Prices start at around AU$2.65 million plus tax, plus on-road costs.

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