Kia Australia Jumps To Seven Years For Warranty, Servicing, Roadside Assist Photo:
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Trevor Collett | Oct, 01 2014 | 19 Comments

Kia Australia has raised the bar for new-car warranties to its greatest height yet, introducing a new seven-year, unlimited kilometre program.

In what Kia is calling its ‘7-7-7 jackpot’, all new Kias will now be covered by a seven-year warranty, seven years roadside assistance and a new seven-year capped price servicing plan.

Kia’s already-healthy warranty has been five years and unlimited kilometres since 2008 - or 130,000km limit for some ‘fleet’ vehicles - with five years capped price servicing.

Existing owners with the five-year warranty will retain their current warranty, but automatically step-up to Kia’s new seven-year capped price servicing plan.

“This is a watershed moment in customer care,” Kia Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Damien Meredith, said.

“Kia customers now have a peace of mind that can’t be matched in the Australian new car market. Crucially, our customers will not be asked to pay any more for their scheduled services than had been the case with the five year capped-price program.”

Mr Meredith said the program is fully-transferrable, meaning a potential boost to the value of used Kias when owners go to sell or trade.

Kia’s new warranty knocks the six-year Citroen program for passenger vehicles off its perch as the previous-best new-car warranty in Australia, announced in July.

Citroen’s program also features no distance restrictions and six years capped price servicing.

There’s been something of a small ‘warranty war’ in Australia throughout 2014, with Renault expanding its five-year program twice this year to cover RS and GT models and later to cover commercial vehicles - at a price.

Holden has also offered a five-year warranty during 2014 - during an end of financial year sale in June which was extended into July.

But all carmakers in Australia may be topped by Tesla when its Model S officially goes on sale here, if it chooses to bring its new warranty program ‘down under’ as well.

Tesla recently announced a new eight-year, unlimited mile warranty for customers in the US, but hasn’t yet announced if that warranty will be carried-over to international markets.

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