Keep Left: NSW Police Book 300 Motorists That Can’t Read A Sign Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Dec, 08 2014 | 12 Comments

Life on the road is challenging enough when exiting a 100km/h freeway means forcing your way into the crawling left lane, but dealing with those that won’t stay out of the right-hand lane is surely our greatest frustration.

If you’re among the millions of motorists driven to madness by right-lane slowpokes, cops in New South Wales have again heard your honks and pulled out the flashing lights.

In a one-day blitz last week, NSW police pulled over nearly 300 drivers for not keeping left - and booked the lot of them.

“Not keeping left on our roads is a community issue that needs to be brought to the attention of all motorists. Driving well below the speed limit in the right lane can cause traffic build-up and result in unsafe and illegal overtaking manoeuvres,” he said.

In its fifth outing, Operation Compliance saw police targeting drivers not only for failing to comply with ‘Keep Left Unless Overtaking’ signs, but also for mobile phone use, school zone offences and vehicle defects.

The operation led to 297 fines for those hogging the right-hand lane - at a cost of $311 each - while a further 899 were caught using mobiles phones.

Some 713 motorists were ticketed for school-zone offences, and 358 were pulled up for driving defective vehicles.

“Police will continue to run these operations to ensure drivers who have become complacent are detected and brought to account for their actions, before being involved in a serious or deadly crash,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

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