Karma Revero PHEV Set To Pick Up Where Fisker Karma Left Off Photo:

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Brad Leach | Aug, 15 2016 | 0 Comments

As reported by TMR last week, Chinese giant Wanxiang, now the owner of bankrupt American electric car startup Fisker Automotive, has announced plans for a new electric car manufacturing plant in China.

The first its new products, the Karma Revero, won't be built there however, sourced instead from a new production facility in California. The glamorous plug-in hybrid four-door coupe is rumoured to be stickered at US$100,000 (A$130,000) when it goes on-sale in North America.

Of course this is the same car Fisker unveiled late 2008 as the Fisker Karma, but with changes made to provide an expected 80 kilometres of electric-only travel comapred to the 55 kilometres range of the Fisker.

And it’s also the same car you may have seen as the Chevolet-V8 powered VLF Destino, a proposed version of the Karma, with the hybrid powertrain scrapped in favour of a less enviro-friendly 6.2 litre LS9 V8 from the Corvette ZR1.

This interpretation of the Fisker creation is also expected to go without the previouslt GM sourced 2.0 litre four-cylynder engine, with reports suggesting that a BMW-devived hybrid set-up could take its place.

The Revero is also set to offer a world-first solar roof, capable of harnessing enough energy to power the car, up to this point solar-panel equipped cars have only been able to handle low-power functions, like ventilating the interior.

A countdown-timer on the Karma Automotive website indicates that the official debut will take place next month when we’ll hear full details about technology and specifications.

Karma is also aiming to give buyers a feeling of bespoke luxury with each Karma Revero fitted with a hand-painted badge affixed to the bonnet - a unique version of the company’s logo, styled to represent a solar eclipse. Check it out in the video below.

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